We export products like: Rubber Belts, Auto Belt, Poly V-Belt, Cogged Belt, V-Belt, Wedge Cogged Belt and Zebrawedge Cogged Belt. Our diverse product line in addition to superior customer service and cutting-edge technology differentiates us from our competitors. Our mission is to provide unparalleled services to our clients that will further strengthen our bond of trust. We have formed liaisons with overseas companies which helps us importing technology and know-how from them and serving our clients better.

Our Products

Our product range includes:

  • Auto Belt
  • Rubber Belts
  • Fan Belt
  • Poly V Belt
  • Power Bond V Belt
  • Hexagonal Belt
  • Notched Belt
  • Cogged Belt

airfilterSynchro-Drive Timing Belts

Synchro-Drive timing belts are designed to last longer, carry higher loads and operate at higher temperatures with reduced noise levels. These belts are truly world class & can excel alongside leading brands from America and Europe.

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airfilterPoly-V Belts

POLY-V BELT with its multiple advantages offers the right choice to the automotive engineer helping achieve higher efficiency, reliability, compactness and longer life of the automotive drive .POLY-V BELTS are available for all vehicles manufactured in India and a few imported vehicles.

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airfilterRaw Edge Belts

Made of superior material & state of the art technique, these belts offer multiple advantages such as over 300% longer service life compared to conventional belts , fewer retensions & higher efficiency

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