Drive Transmission

Rear Axle Shafts


Passenger Cars
Jeeps Utility Vehicles
Sports Utility Vehicles Light
Medium & Heavy Commercial Vehicles

Brake S’ Cam Shafts

airfilterWe supply brake cam shafts for trucks and trailers of international repute like Rockwell, Rubery owen, BPW, Eaton, York, Freight Liner, etc. They are upset forged and later cold coined for precision & induction hardened for requisite strength. Each end is induction hardened for maximum strength, durability and reliability.





Splined Shafts, Clutch Shaft Fins & Wheel Bearing Spindles

airfilterWe also deal in stub components like





splined shafts
wheel bearing spindles
clutch shaft fins
output shafts
intermediate shafts

Steering Parts

airfilterTie Rod Ends

Our tie rod ends and assemblies have maximum accuracy and are capable to sustain extensive load for longer life. The cold forged ball pins are subjected to HF induction for high durability.

Material Used

Tie Rod End are designed with high quality one-piece steel and stainless steel




airfilterShaft Components

Our range of CNC turned shaft components are made of finest materials as per SAE specifications to meet all requirements of our valued customers. We supply these components at industry leading prices.

Material Used

Our range of CNC turned shaft components are made of finest materials as per SAE specifications




airfilterBall Joints

We manufacture our range of ball joints, in which double bearing socket allows for fewer preludes, which reduce steering effort and troubles free smooth drive.

Material Used

Ball Joint are designed with a single piece of cold forged housing with heat-treated stud for superior strength and durability.




airfilterU.J. Crosses

Our collection of U.J. Crosses have finest quality needles for extra long life.

Material Used

U.J. Crosses are designed with high quality alloy steel and stainless steel




airfilterTrack Control Arms

We offer a vivid range of track control arms manufactured as per OEM specifications. Our expert team can also fabricate these track control arms as per our customer’s needs. It cater to all their requirements with an assurance of total satisfaction.

Material Used

Track Control Arms are designed with alloy steel.




airfilterFront Axle / Drive Shaft

We design and develop axle bearings according to exact specifications laid by our clients. These are are designed with the aim of improving vehicle safety, reducing noise, viberation and harshness enhancing driving comfort.

Material Used

These are designed with alloy steel and stainless steel.




airfilterCenter & Drag Links

Our Drag Links assures accurate rotational movement without any side play. This range of drag links is reasonably priced and delivered in small time frame.

Material Used

rag links are made of hot forged alloy steel for greater strength and optimum durability. These drag links are coated for protection against corrosion.




airfilterIdler & Pitman Arms

We have eliminated the drawbacks of porosity in cast-made Idler and Pitman Arm. The forgings provide greater strength and better fatigue resistance and make these arms more durable.

Material Used

Idler & Pitman Arms are hot forged rather than cast.